case study: hr

Case study: strategic HR

The measurement tool is available as an in-company system, which is particularly useful for organisations that want to implement the ODC measurement for all employees.  HR advisors can be trained in the ODC application and take care of the feedback themselves.   The ODC software system can be expanded or adapted to suit your own organisation's needs be that reviewing team structures or as a measure of impact for training, development and team initiatives.  Find out one example below.



The CEO of a rapidly expanding start up firm had a vision to ensure his teams were at their best and supported throughout their time in the organisation. 


Given the expansion he had recruited a like minded HR director who was keen to have a system in place that would help her to recruit and manage more effectively.  First of all however a restructure was necessary to help them be more effective. 



Firstly, the HR director became an accredited user of the ODC so she had a clear understanding of the tool.  She initially worked with external accredited coaches but as the team grew and more individuals became accredited she was able to manage the process completely in house.


Each of the current and future roles were evaluated and key competencies were prioritised.  Each member of staff completed the ODC and had a feedback session for their own development (see coaching examples for what this involved). 


The HR director then had a clear understanding and a summarised report from the ODC system of the natural strengths and natural potential of all the individuals in the organisation.  She could see who were in roles that really aligned with natural strengths and who had potential to grow into other roles.  This was invaluable for the restructure in terms of succession planning and providing personalised development plans for each individual to be at their best. 


Next, the HR director used the prioritised competencies to help her interview potential candidates for the new roles, using the ODC as her supporting tool.  (see recruiting examples).

She also set in motion the opportunity for individuals to retake the ODC competencies after completing some personal development. This gave her a way to measure the impact of the personal development.



The restructure was much easier than anticipated, following the ODC coaching sessions and the insights that they revealed.  Some individuals put themselves forward for roles they had not originally considered.  Others were able to develop their next steps for their career journey.  

The information at the recruiting stage was integrated into their on boarding development plans so new starters were able to operate at their best much quicker. 

One year after the introduction the HR director introduced the 360 ODC where users invited colleagues and managers to feedback on their observations.  This allowed for greater self awareness and insight as the teams grew. 

The whole HR team are now accredited to use the ODC helping the language of natural strengths and potential to be a part of each and every interaction. 

"Measuring impact of personal development has always been wooly at best - the ODC has given me a way to prioritise the most effective development activities alongside having an organisational view of all the staff.   This has made decisions easier, faster and more effective so we are realising our aims"

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