case study: recruiting

Case study: recruiting

The ODC measurement has been valuable for executive search firms and recruitment practitioners.  It is a quick, meticulously accurate way to gain deep insights into natural strengths, untapped potential and development opportunities of potential candidates.  Using that information helps you to get to know candidates much quicker and on a deeper level.  With this insight identifying the best candidate for the role is much easier and recruiting managers are armed with a host of knowledge about their new recruit. 

Find out below about how it has been used to enhance the interviews.



A recruitment agency had been tasked with finding a PA for a CEO.  This was a pivotal role but there had been 3 individuals in place over the last 18 months. So something had been going wrong in the recruitment previously. 

After doing some job analysis the agency reworked the job description to be more inline with reality and they spent sometime understanding how the CEO liked to work.




With the job description details, they identified a number of suitably qualified and experienced candidates.  Having met with each of them to validate their experience and skill, before sending them to meet the organisation, they conducted an ODC feedback interview.


This allowed them to explore what each candidate was like under pressure and how they responded to challenging situations and people.   They were then able to compile a report on the candidates' experience and skill along with a behavioural profile.. 



Three candidates were presented to the organisation.  The reports highlighted their skills, natural strengths and how they responded under pressure.  They were also able to state how the individuals would work best, for example, "X will respond best if they are not micro managed.  They will challenge things that they do not believe are the best way....."

This information helped the CEO to get to know the potential candidates and understand how they could best work together.

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