Case study: career coaching

Thanks to the ODC measurement, coaching organisations have saved 30% to 40% of the time normally taken to complete the coaching process.  Additionally, the coaching itself is more effective.  When you're at a crossroads in your life or career, the ODC helps you move confidently in the right direction.  It helps you focus on what comes naturally and discover new skills and opportunities you never knew were there.  Find out below, one example of the ODC used in a career coaching context. 



Claire was an analyst working with a challenging head of department with whom she often clashed.  She also found herself working very long hours and over-committing herself to extra tasks. 

She was keen to make things work better in her current workplace whilst also thinking about her next step - what should she do next, what goals could she have for her career? Was this sort of role really suited to her, given the challenges of her current context?



She took the ODC and spent time with an accredited coach to explore her questions. The natural strengths of investigating and structuring shown in the ODC reaffirmed that she was well suited to her role.  It also highlighted that she had natural potential as a strategic thinker but she was not currently using these.  Instead she was getting frustrated at the lack of direction and this frustration came out in criticism which was probably why her and her boss were not getting on.   She also noted that she worked best with clear boundaries but did not have these in place.  This explained why she was over-committing. 

With the help of the coach, she worked through her aspirations and goals, in the light of her natural strengths, fragile strengths and focusing on using her natural potential. 



Claire developed a plan for how to manage the workload and the relationship with her boss.  She identified strategies that would allow her to use her natural strengths more, rather than her fragile strengths which had a tendency for her to react in a way that could derail her efforts.


She also set out a three year plan - one that would eventually lead her to leading her own team of analysts.

"I keep on referring back to my conversation and the better understanding I have about myself.  It has given me confidence and a realistic plan to move forward and make a difference"

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