About the ODC

This page needs some background and information about the ODC

ODC stands for Odin Development Compass.  Uniquely the ODC reports on natural or unconscious drives as well as competencies.  It taps into the unconscious to understand the deepest patterns that individuals relate to and can express in their behaviour.  So it is like a personality profile only it goes deeper to reveal natural strengths, natural potential and more fragile strengths that might distort under pressure and why.  

In 10 minutes deep insight


The ODC measurement  starts with a simple online questionnaire of 10 minutes.  You can do the measurement on you computer, laptop or tablet.  You see eight different archetypal figures.  Some will appeal to you and others will not.  Then you choose 10 competencies from a list of 24 that best describe you.  That is it! Your report shows which unconscious drivers, strengths and talents you naturally have and which you may be more susceptible to distortion under pressure. 


At the core of the ODC lies the philosophy of analytical psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.   It works by understanding your unconscious drivers and aligning them with the behaviours and competencies you demonstrate.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate
Carl Jung
Individual Profile

The ODC helps you understand what gives and drains you of energy.  It shows:

  • natural strengths - behaviours you show aligned to your unconscious drivers

  • natural potential - behaviours you don't yet show but are aligned to your unconscious drivers

  • fragile strengths - behaviours you show that are not aligned to your unconscious drives so at risk of derailer behaviour

  • and areas of resistance - behaviours that are unlikely to give you energy.  

System functionality


The ODC provides a range of tools and reports to facilitate development on an individual and team basis. 

Individual Profiles
Team Profiles
Re Take

There are different levels of users who will have access to different parts of the system.  The USER can complete the ODC and will then have a feedback session with the coach or accredited user who has invited them to do so.  


ACCREDITED users (may be consultants or managers) are able to view and download the reports of the USERS they have invited to complete the ODC or those assigned to them by a manager.  To find out more about accreditation, click on the section in the main menu. 



We want to be clear about costs upfront though we recognise that every context is unique and needs are different.  The table provides you with an overview of the standard pricing structure for the ODC.  Pricing is based on volume and is on a per user basis.  Once accredited you can also access the additional functionality of team profiles, 360 and retaking the ODC for the users you initiate.  Do feel free to click on 'Contact' at the top to discuss your specific situation. 

Please note: these prices are for accredited users.  You may be charged an administration  and feedback fee if you are going through a third party.  That is completely understandable as they have been through the accreditation and are providing administrative support. 

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