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Odin Development Compass

ODC stands for Odin Development Compass.  Uniquely the ODC reports on natural or unconscious drives as well as competencies.  It taps into the unconscious to understand the deepest patterns that individuals relate to and can express in their behaviour.  So it is like a personality profile only it goes deeper to reveal natural strengths, natural potential and more fragile strengths that might distort under pressure and why.  

The ODC measurement  starts with a simple online questionnaire of 10 minutes.  You can do the measurement on you computer, laptop or tablet.  You see eight different archetypal figures.  Some will appeal to you and others will not.  Then you choose 10 competencies from a list of 24 that best describe you.  That is it! Your report shows which unconscious drivers, strengths and talents you naturally have and which you may be more susceptible to distortion under pressure. 


This is invaluable for you whether it is for your own personal development, working in teams or to help recruiters get to know you quicker. 



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